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Make It/Break It
Tru-Dru, Prod By Tony Tokars (In The Land Of The Blind The Man with One Eye Is King The EP)

"In The Land of the Blind: the Man with One Eye Is King Album" was Released to wide Fan Fare as well as the Mixtape "From Then Until My Casket Drops 2.0" Follow up.

After Second Recovery of the Hospital from CHF Now I'am keeping A Close Eye on my Health more than ever. Will be working on more new Stuff and Releasing them soon. As of now Future Projects are planned, but no EP, Album, or Mixtape are Ready. 

Best of Tru-Dru: The Hits out now on all Digital Platforms

Computer Issues will update later.

Tru-Dru to Release Mixtape "From Then Until My Casket Drops" as he is in Hospital for Emergency Care

BREAKING NEWS: Tru-Dru is in the Hospital since 5/18/17 for Emergency Congested Heart Failure and Kidney Damage with High Blood Pressure at 200/100 Once Admitted he alerted the Nurse and Doctors of his Loss of Breath and Chest Pain with Edema Swelling of Legs Face and Stomach. This Prompted him to Put Together A Mixtape Titled "From Then Until My Casket Drops" with his Recent Recordings Artists on the Mixtape Include Dat from MBK, MCBee, & Philly Artist Phees. The Mixtape is Slated to be Released on Soon Announcement Date to be Told soon. Tru-Dru was Near Death when sent to Holmes Regional Medical Center when this Occurred so in Case he Dies he would have already Released his Music. His Heart has A Rejection Fraction of 15% Currently and Kidneys are A Bit Damaged under his Stage Two Hypertension. H.e is in Stable Condition upgraded from Critical Condition as of 05/28/16.

Past Tru-Dru Dropped new Indie Label EP in November with A Slew of Features still Blazing the Charts in 2017 on Several Radio Stations Demand Tru-Dru your Artist for Real Music. 

In The Land of The Blind EP is the Official Follow up to the Label's Mega Mixtape Independent Release of the Same Year. Featuring Menace, & Baby D, Available now November 22, 2016 and Officially Released December 6th, 2016, Featuring the Hit Singles "Make It/Break It", "Straight Off Tha Chain", "Please Be Mine", and More. Click on the About Me Tab Above to Read My Bio.

You can Request all Three Tracks at your Local Radio Station. Request Tru-Dru!! Demand Tru-Dru!! This Site will be updated as there is more to come until then see you soon, and thanks so much for your support.

It's 2 thousand Fly Shawty my Time Has Come! "Make It/Break It" Official Hit Single is now in Rotation on several Radio Stations you can also Request it and the other Singles "Straight Off Tha Chain", "Holla At Me", and "Please Be Mine".

Tracks off this Album are Twitter Trends and Please Be Mine has Over 21 Downloads on Soundcloud.
Holla At Me is the First Official R&B/Hip-Hop Track ever Recorded in History by Tru-Dru

Music Video to "Make It/Break It has been already Uploaded on Youtube:  "Straight Off Than Chain: Music Video is in the Works

Disc 2 Was Released on 03/15/2017 with some Bonus Material Includes the Hit Singles "Spitfire",is new to be put on Rotation and is already A Hot Download on Soundcloud "For Jah People" Is already A Hit before on some Stations now A Download Sensation & "Straight Off Tha Chain" Original Version was just added to be in attempt to be in Rotation.

Radio Stations have been clamoring to Download Tracks as they have Full Access only to Download Tracks.